Edd Schultz, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - The Hypnoticoach Can Help You Can Become the Ideal You!
Edd Schultz, Hypnotherapist- Understand, accept, and move beyond your problems, bad habits, and fears!
- Achieve your goals and experience peak performance!
- Use the power of your mind to become the Ideal You!
We are constantly being bombarded with negative messages from sources all around us - TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, even friends and family. These negative messages create stress and tension in our lives that our subconscious mind turns into negative behavior, illness and disease.
Hypnotherapy helps to change the negative programming to positive programming, creating better health, a more positive outlook, inner peace and serenity. But, it's hard to do that alone. Coaching, both with and without hypnosis, gives you the extra boost that you need to accomplish great things in your life.
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking
  • Manage your weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Manage ADHD behavior
  • Improve sports performance
  • Become free of stress and tension
  • Overcome fears and phobias
  • Manage pain
  • Stop your bad habits
  • Control bedwetting
  • Overcome insomnia
  • Increase self-confidence
  • and much more

Temporarily not accepting new clients
We are here to help you accomplish your goals, realize and actualize your potential.
Hypnotherapy Testimonials

"I was a heavy smoker. Had been for 20+ years. But, after a few sessions with Edd, I'm free of smoke forever.!"
W.Y., Willoughby

"I came to lose weight, and my life was transformed. Now I have a new way of thinking about myself. I've become more confident and more aware of my own abilities. Learn self-hypnosis has been a wonderful breakthrough for me. I know I don't have to be the way I was. I can change myself. And C-P-R has been a life saver for me. Thanks, Edd."
- J.P., Mentor
"Wonderful. I feel very positive about life and the future."
- Sally F., South Euclid

"I think everyone could benefit in some form or another. My experience was peaceful and enlightening. It helped to resolve my desire for unhealthy food to make my day a fun day."
- Anna P., Chardon
"I'm a highly stressed individual whose life has very little time for relaxation. With the tools I have gained in my sessions, I am able to feel as though I am in control of myself again. The attention to detail that Edd took the time to put into each session...made me more comfortable with hypnosis. Very informative, educational, ultimately relaxing and a great first time experience with hypnosis."
- A.M., Leroy
"I was smoking 3 packs a day. After one session I was an ex-smoker. I'm coming back for more. I want to learn everything I can about self-hypnosis."
- S.Taylor, Mentor
"I've been able to handle stress better through relaxation techniques. Relaxation also helps reduce frequency of migraines. I'm very pleased with the services. Educational, encouraging, supportive."
- Pam, Kirtland
"I believe everyone could benefit from this program to help improve aspects of their life. Enlightening."
- Mark Saige, Painesville
"The hypnotherapy sessions and the self hypnosis technique yields a feeling of relaxation. The techniques that Edd has used and taught me are effective. My experience has been very positive. Edd has a very simple and effective approach that is easy to learn and visualize."
- Tom Calabris, Willoughby
"Extremely positive and beneficial. It was a life changing experience, especially during a tough & difficult time in my life."
- Tara Joyce, Willoughby Hills
"I see great improvement in my mental outlook, and my pain issues. I've made positive steps into my future.  I have the building blocks to work with now."
- Kathi Roloson, Chesterland
"Prior to hypnotherapy I was not exercising at all and healthy eating was due for improvement. Improvement has begun and I now have a great base to build upon. Wish I knew about it sooner - everything is good."
- David Bailey, Mentor
"What could be better than improvement in the way I feel both physically and mentally? Interesting, certainly new to me. A pleasant technique for great possibilities and I'm on my way."
- Gail Kaplin, Mayfield Heights
"I discovered more about myself than I expected - good things!"
- Cheryl Truesdell, Madison
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Edd Schultz, CHT
9181 Chillicothe Rd.
Kirtland, OH 44094
Serving Lake County and Greater Cleveland Ohio, including Chardon, Chester, Eastlake, Euclid, Kirtland, Mayfield, Mentor, Painesville, Willoughby, Willoughby Hills
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